Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Making of a Quiet Book

Thanks to pinterest, I decided I wanted to make Gage a quiet book. Initially the idea was to give myself plenty of time so that I could give it to him for his second birthday. Well, once I started I became... umm... pretty much obsessed. Almost every night after Gage goes to bed I work on the book. I am having so much fun making this silly little book! I bought the basic pattern from The Quilted Fish. I really like the general construction of her book, but have modified or made up most of the pages based on things I have seen online. Anyway, here is the progress I have made so far...

I still need to buy an actual shoe lace for the "Chuck Taylor" page. I am working on making farm animal finger puppets that will live in the barn and stuffed carrots for the garden page.